Thursday, March 3, 2011



A shape-borrowing object is one that borrows the shape of something else, which means the object takes the shape of something else.Your new object can also take the shape for example,animal, architectures, objects.Shape-borrowing is when you convert of change an object to another shape.Initially you sketch a shape of an object,then you modify it to resemble the shape of something else but the original shape is still there.

Scamper stands for substitute,combine,adapt,modify or magnify or minify,put to other use,eliminate and reverse or rearrange.Substitute means for components, materials, people there are other substitute so you will have to put them together.Combine means you take 2 things then you put them together. For example you can out together a umbrella and a raincoat. You can adapt by altering changing, functioning, using part of another element.For modify,minify or magnify you can increase or reduce in scale, change shape, modify attributes.For putting it to other use it can have more than one function.For eliminating you can remove elements, simplify, reduce to core functionality.For reverse or rearrange you can turn it upside down of inside out.
Using SCAMPER will help us define possible new products. Many of the ideas may be impractical or may not suit the equipment used by the manufacturer. However some of these ideas could be good starting points for new products.